I'm New Here

Welcome! Here a newly baptized member is welcomed into the inter-generational congregation that is St. Michael's. Wherever you are on your faith journey we are glad you’ve found your way to us. 

Those of us who gather at St. Michael’s come from a wide variety of denominations and faith traditions and have found a home in the Anglican Church of Canada.  We also welcome “cradle” Anglicans who were born into the tradition. 

Our services are relaxed and orderly (at least that’s what we hope.) The Sunday 8:30am service uses the the Book of Common Prayer and there are no hymns and the lyrical, Shakespearean style language shapes this service.  the Sunday 10:30am service has Sunday School, music and more contemporary language and images for understanding God. 

Our Eucharist is open to all who seek to know and love God and we also offer blessings for healing and insight for those who are searching.

We are happy to help people find their way into the liturgy and welcome questions and opportunities to think about the what and why and how of our worship.

If you have any questions or more, please email us, call or come by for worship.