Support St. Michael and All Angels' Anglican Church

A financial gift to the parish is a meaningful way to share your faith and make a significant contribution to the church.

There are several ways, described below, by which you can contribute. All contributions made will be recorded by our Envelope Secretary and receipts issued for Charitable Tax Donations.

Thank you in advance for helping us continue to live out God's vision for us and to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus.

1. Preauthorized Giving

Pre-authorized giving allows you to give to your parish intentionally and faithfully through scheduled monthly transfers from your bank account. On or near the 15th day of each month, your account will be debited an amount you specify. These funds are then deposited directly into the parish’s account. 

Information about the process and the form is available by clicking on the download link at the bottom of this page.   Preauthorized Giving Form

2. Traditional Envelopes

These are availble on request from our Envelope Secretary. If you set up Preauthorized Giviby ng, you will also receive a set of envelopes which can be used to contribute at additional times such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas or for our special Outreach Campaigns.

3. On-line Methods

There are two ways that you can give using on-line methods:

Internet E-Transfer

If you do on-line banking, then make an Internet E-Transfer from your account to St. Michael's Church using the email address

You will need to set a security question and answer which you will need to communicate separately to the Treasurer by telephone or separate email. This security question can be reused for future transfers. In the Message Box you can specify where you would like your donation to go (eg. General Fund, PWRDF, Transforming Futures, etc). If you need assistance setting this up, please contact your Treasurer.


When you click on the green "Give" button below, a pop-up form will open, providing a secure way for you to give by credit or debit card on the platform. Your donation will be deposited directly to our bank account. 

You can choose the General Fund, PWRDF, Transforming Futures, or any of our special funds in the dropdown window. A small fee of 2.9% plus 0.30 will be applied to your donation but you can tick the box "cover fee" if you wish.