Catie Oates-Hill
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Season after Pentecost

Beloved in Christ,
As we begin moving toward a time when we will be able to re-gather I wanted to let you know how we might proceed in the months ahead. 
As the restrictions are changing, we are, of course, eager to resume the activities that we have missed so much in this long time of pandemic.  But we must continue to proceed with caution and care.  
The archdeacons will meet with the Bishop on Wednesday, June 2nd, to discuss what the reopening stages might look like and to consider the protocols needed.  We anticipate that we will be able to gather for outdoor evensong as we did last summer, and a potential, careful return to the church building for fall. We don’t know what that will look like yet. We will continue to record our services for the foreseeable future.
Parish Council and I are working with Angela Goddard to explore the best way for St. Michael’s to continue with some sort of on-line worship, even when our doors reopen.  We have discovered the gift and ministry that is keeping our online doors open, too. 
Gathering again will be wonderful and also awkward, as we figure out what post-pandemic manners look like. We will work together to find ways to give authentic expression to the many emotions that have been packed in tight during this extended sheltering time. It will also be important to know that we will get some things wrong as we bump along toward a new reality and to be gentle with one another. 
We have learned so much in the past year and a half, and our learning continues. We will continue to find ways to say, “Let’s try this,” and “Did that work?” And, “What could we have done better?” These are faithful ways to re-gather, but they are also very much ways to live into the gospel, as Jesus is always boldly asking questions, and considering new ways of honouring God, neighbour and self.  
I look forward very much to seeing each of you, face to face, in the months ahead, and give thanks for your continued faithfulness.
Much love,