Catie Oates-Hill
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Dawna's Letter for Holy Week

Beloved in Christ,
As we approach Holy Week, I know we are all grateful for our faith community and looking forward to gathering again in person. 

Many of our parishioners have had their vaccines and many others will be able to be vaccinated in the coming months. This is such great news and we celebrate with each inoculation.

As we wait in this in-between time we also know that COVID-19 variant cases on our Island are increasing, and our health leaders are cautioning people about the continued need to be careful. So, for the time being, Bishop Anna is advising that we wait as a way of caring for those at risk and remain steadfast and faithful in difficult circumstances as we look to our end goal.

Like the church at Rome, we hear Paul’s words with understanding but also a level of frustration, as he reminds us to hope for what we do not see with patience (Romans 8:28).
So, we are not planning to gather in person, but we are continuing to worship together in our pre-recorded services. We are also reaching out across our community through care packages, please let the church office know if you have not received your package.  I am so pleased that our youth will join in leading us to the outdoor worship space with palms and our Altar Guild is planning how to decorate that space for our first Easter in our new space. During Holy Week, I invite you to join our services as we seek to move through this sacred time virtually but still together as a community in God’s continuing care. 

With love and prayers,