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Youth of the diocese are encouraged to email Sharon to register by February 23 in order to secure a spot in our delegation to CLAY 2020. 

Includes a 3-day pre-trip and 4 days event

CLAY is a bi-annual, national event for Anglican and Lutheran youth, and their friends. Approximately 800 participants gather on the university campus, sleep in dorms, attend workshops, enjoy worship, hear inspiring speakers, meet new people, hang out in small groups, hang out in large groups, spend time relaxing, enjoy group games and team challenges…in other words, they have an amazing time.

TEAM VIBC is the name of the group that will be travelling together from churches across Vancouver Island. In addition to attending CLAY, this group will be flying to Calgary a few days early to enjoy a 3 day ‘pre-trip’.
We will be staying at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and using public transit to explore popular sites and landmarks of Calgary. In the months leading up to the trip, several large fundraising events will be organized by the team, along with some more social experiences.