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Dawna's Blog for 23rd February

On Epiphany we explore the story of the Magi and the light they followed to find the Christ child.  Many of us chose our “star words”, words that might guide us as we move through this particular year.  I have heard from some of you how your word pops up in hymns and readings, in conversations and in unexpected places that surprise.  The season of Epiphany is one where we are called to listen and look for the ways God’s light shines.  The season ends with the readings for Transfiguration Sunday – a feast day that moves us from that Epiphany space to a Lenten space.  Transfiguration Sunday is itself a liminal space, a space between heaven and earth where God’s presence is seen in a new way.  In our worship, we seek to create liminal space, in our outdoor prayer path and worship space we also seek to create liminal space where we can be especially aware of how earth and heaven come together to remind us of the beauty that enfolds and surrounds us even when the world seems to be falling apart or in a more personal place, where our lives seem to be falling apart. As Jesus went up Mt. Tabor with the disciples, things were changing quickly in all their lives, but Jesus was seeking a place apart to pray, regroup and breathe deeply.  In that place on the mountaintop, the towns and villages and bodies of water were seen from a different perspective, and suddenly there in their midst, faithful servants of God joined them for a moment – Moses and Elijah came alongside Jesus.  In our lives, we can sometimes identify moments of transfiguration and wonder, where heaven and earth come together and we know ourselves to be in the company of God’s faithful witnesses – saints, angels, magi and fishers, farmers and bakers and all who nourish us with light on the way.